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For more than 15 years, Health Care Analytics has been successfully helping health care organizations navigate through data and obtain value from complex health care systems and information.  To remain competitive, provide value and increase market share, health care organizations assuming financial risk must identify cost containment and quality improvement opportunities.  Achieving these objectives requires an ability to leverage data and information, typically difficult due to a lack of resources and expertise inside the organization and the complexity of information systems interfering with data accessibility.

Although the sophistication of health care information technology is improving, there are still substantial limitations when addressing complex data analysis and reporting issues.  Health Care Analytics can efficiently meet the data analysis and reporting needs of health care organizations while providing the information required to make key cost and care management decisions.

Our staff of health care data analysts can expertly navigate the complicated mazes of medical cost analysis, reimbursement modeling, utilization management, provider profiling, quality measurement, data warehouse design and data management.


Rapid identification of cost increases in medical services is critical to cost management.  Health Care Analytics uses advanced drill down analytic techniques for PMPM trending via multiple variable analysis including major service category, CPT code, ICD-9 code, DRG, benefit, and line of business.


With years of actuarial experience and access to comparative industry data, Health Care Analytics develops competitive capitation rates & fee schedules, as well as innovative risk sharing models.  Our use of advanced “What-If” scenario modeling makes it easier to determine the most cost-effective contracts.


Health Care Analytics discovers medical management opportunities by analyzing practice patterns in relation to hospital bed days,  office visits, referral practices, and specialty care procedures resulting in the identification of unnecessary care as well as under-utilization.

Health Care Analytics designs and produces provider feedback mechanisms such as risk adjusted web-based provider performance measurement reports, support for P4P programs, and customized practice pattern analysis.

Health Care Analytics designs tools to measure medical outcomes in order to improve membership health status, attract and retain members or patients, and satisfy state & federal regulatory demands: 

  • Meanigful Use
  • STAR Rating
  • P4P (Pay for Performance)

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