Philosophy and Mission

To remain competitive, provide value and increase market share, health care organizations assuming financial risk must identify cost containment and quality improvement opportunities.  Achieving these objectives require the ability to leverage data and information – a task especially difficult given:

  • A lack of resources or expertise inside the organization
  • The complexity of information systems, data accessibility, and data interpretation
  • Data quality issues

Although the sophistication of health care information technology continues to improve, there are still substantial limitations in its ability to address complex data analysis and reporting issues.  Health Care Analytics can efficiently meet your data analysis and reporting needs and give you the information required to make key cost and care management decisions. Our staff of expert health care data analysts can help you navigate your way through the complicated mazes of medical cost analysis, reimbursement, utilization management, provider profiling and quality measurement.

Competitive Edge:  Experience Makes the Difference

Health Care Analytics provides its clients a competitive advantage because of its tenure and depth of experience in data analysis, database development and information systems and operations in the managed care and health care delivery environment.

Tenure and Consultant Experience  

Health Care Analytics has a depth of experience unsurpassed in the industry.  Each of its consultants has a specific area of expertise to bring to clients that he or she has acquired through prior operational experience in private industry.  All Health Care Analytics consultants have at least ten years of experience as professionals, management or health care executives in health care analysis, database development and/or information technology roles.

Performance Orientation

Through the vast experience represented by the firm and the operational background of the consulting staff itself, Health Care Analytics has acquired a “nuts and bolts” approach to its consultations.  While many consultants leave their clients with books of analyses and recommendations, HCA is concerned with implementing solutions; it directs its energies toward executing the programs and products indicated by its research.  HCA’s objective is consistent for all of its consultations:  to design and implement a strategy that will enable the client organization to remain or become a market leader in its community.

Team Approach

Rather than operating in isolation, as some consultants seem to do, HCA works as part of its client’s “team”.  HCA places much emphasis on communication across the organization and leveraging the client’s own expertise and resources to obtain maximum value for the client. 





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